"Mama once told me that she and daddy named me Dawn because I was born at the break of day"

In her fine Virginia School, Dawn Longchamp feels happy and safe, but nothing is what it seems....

Now Dawn and her older brother Jimmy have a chance for a decent, respectable life, and Dawn's secret, precious hope to study singing can come true. Philip Cutler, the handsomest boy in school, sets Dawn's brother; but with Philip, she imagines a lovely dream of romance...

Then Dawn's mother suddenly dies, and her entire world begins to crumble. After a terrible new shock, she is unspoken sins. Her sweet innocence lost, humiliated and scorned, Dawn is desperate to find Jimmy again and strip away the wicked lies that will change all their lives forever!


Secrets of the Morning
Twilights Child
Midnight Whispers
Darkest Hour

Cutler Family Tree
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 Chapter Summaries

1.  Another New Place.
In this chapter we are introduced to the Longchamp family; Dawn,  Jimmy, Sally Jean and Ormand Longchamp. We get a brief history and a feel for this family and it's dynamics.  We open with Dawn moving to a new city in the middle of the night. They are moving to Richmond, Virginia, because Dawn's father has found a job there in a garage.  Sally Jean, Dawn's mother finds out that she is pregnant.

2.   Fern

Jimmy and Dawn's new baby sister Fern is born.  Ormand, gets a new job in Richmond as a maintance supervisor  at a prestegious private school.

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