Chris and Cathy now live in California as husband and wife (as far as everyone is concerned).  They live in a fine home with Bart and Jory and little Cindy.  Chris has his medical practice, Cathy has her ballet school and everyone is happy.  Then an old rich woman moves into the abandoned mansion behind their house and she claims to be Barts grandmother and Bart starts to change...   The dark secrets of the past will be revealed and lives changed forever.

"No matter what happens, we will not, you will not put your children in this attic to save yourself, or me!"                           

                                                                                                -- Christopher Dollanganger.

(Spoilers here!)

Dr Christopher Dollaganger Sheffield  
Catherine Leigh Dollanganger Marquet Sheffield  
Julian Janus Marquet (Jory)  
Bart Scott Winslow Sheffield
Corrine Foxworth Dollanganger Winslow Jackson
John Amos Jackson
Cynthia Jane Nickols (Sheffield)
Emma Linstrom  
Madam Marisha Rosencoff  
Melodie Richarme
Nicole Nikols
Marie DuBois
Simon Daughtry


Chapter Listing 


Part One

Introductions - Jory
Gone Hunting - Bart
Sugar and Spice - Jory
My Heart's Desire - Bart
Shadows - Jory
Changeling Child - Bart

Part Two

Tales of Evil - Jory
Lessons - Bart
Wounds of War - Jory
Homecoming - Bart
The Horns of Dilemma - Jory
The Snake - Bart
Gathering Darkess - Jory

Part Three

Malcolm's Rage - Bart
The Last Dance - Jory
Another Grandmother - Jory
Honor Thy Mother - Bart
Ever Since Eve - Bart
Madame M - Jory
The Terrible Truth - Jory
The Gates of Hell - Bart
Rage of the Rightenous - Bart
Where's Momma? - Jory
The Attic Souvenirs - Bart
The Search - Jory
Whispering Voices - Bart
Detective - Jory
The Last Supper - Bart
Waiting - Jory
Judgement Day - Bart
Redemption - Jory