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Flowers in the Attic 

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Release date: November 20, 1987

The Flowers in the attic movie was okay. It was enjoyable.  It followed the book and the childrens experiences in the attic for the most part. The actors chosen to play the Dresden Dolls and other characters were well cast.
The book was definatly better but the movie was pretty good.  Except for the ending which i found ridiculous and left no opening for a sequel or a "Petals on the Wind" which I would like to have seen.

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Maybe I should have re-read Rain before I saw this movie.  I loved this book !!  To me I don't think this movie did the book any justice at all.  (from what I can remember)  Seems like it focused to heavily on Rain being sent away because of witnessing Benny's death at the hands of the thugs.  I don't even remember her witnessing Benny's  death.  I don't remember any thugs coming after her in the book.  Then again it has been a long time since I read the book.

No emphesis was placed upon her relatonship with the boy (can't even remember his name the movie was so unremarkable) at the school.   And only brief contact with Roy after her move to the rich grandmothers house. The grandmother and Rain bonded a little too quickly.

Again, this movie does not do this book justice.  I think it would have been better served as a mini series.

I would not suggest buying this movie unless you want to prequel to the Rain series called "Gathering Storm" which is only available with the purchase of the movie.

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