Attic Rules

 1.   You are to always be fully dressed.
2.   You will never take the Lord's name in vain and will always say grace before each meal.
3.   You are to never open the draperies, even to peak out.
4.   You will never speak to me unless I speak to you first.
5.   You will keep this room neat and orderly and the beds always made.
6.   You are never to be idle.  You will devote five hours each day to studying and use the remainder of the time to develop your abilities in some meaningful way.  If you have any skills, abilities or talents, you will seek to improve on them, and if you have no abilities, or talents, or skills, you will read the Bible; if you cannot read you will sit and stare at the bible, and try to absorb through the purity of your thoughts the meaning of the Lord and his ways.
7.   You will clean your teeth after breakfast each day and before retiring each night.
8.   If I ever catch girls and boys using the bathroom at the same time, I will , quite relentlessly and without mercy, peel the skins from your backs.
9.   You will, all four,  be modest and discrete at all times-- in deportment, in speech and in thought.
10.  You will not handle or play with the private parts of your bodies; nor will you look at them in the mirrors, nor will you think about them, even when you are cleansing  those parts of your bodies.
11  You will not allow wicked, sinful or lusting thoughts to dwell in your minds.  You will keep your thoughts clean, pure and away from wicked subjects that will corrupt you morally.
12.  You will refrain from looking at members of the opposite sex unless it is absolutely necessary.
13.  Those of you who can read, and I hope at least two of you can, will each, alternately, take turns reading aloud from the Bible, at least one page per day so the two younger children will benefit from the Lord's teachings.
14.  You will each bathe daily, clean the ring from the tub, and keep the bathroom as spotless as it was when you first found it.
15.  You will each learn, including the twins, one quote from the Bible per day. And if I so request,  you will repeat to me such quotes as I demand, as I keep track of the passages you have read.
16.  You will eat all of the food I bring to you, and not waste one single bit or throw it away, or hide it away.  It is sinful to waste good food when so many in this world are starving.
17.  You will not stride about the bedroom wearing only your nightclothes, even if you are only going from bed to bath or bath to bed.  You will at all times wear a robe of some sort over your nightclothes, and over your undergarments if at sometime  you feel the need to suddenly leave the bathroom without fully dressing yourself, so that another child may enter in an emergency.  I demand that everyone who lives under this roof be modest and discrete.
18.  You will stand at attention when I enter the room, with your arms straight down at your sides; nor will you allow your eyes to meet with mine;  you will not clench your hands to show silent defiance; nor will you seek to show signs of affection toward me, nor hope to gain my friendship,  nor my pity, nor my love, nor my compassion.
19. When I come into this room to bring you food and milk, you will not look at me, speak to me, or think of me with disrespect, or of your grandfather with disrespect.  For God is above and is able to read your minds.
20. You will not jump, yell, shout, or speak in loud voices so the servants below can hear you.  And you will wear sneakers and never hard-soled shoes.
21. You will not waste toilet tissue, or the soap,and you will clean up the mess if you clog up the toilet bowl so it overflows.  And if you put it out of order, then it will stay that way until the day you leave, and you will use the chamber pots that you will find in the attic, and your mother can empty them for you.
22. The boys will wash their own clothes in the bathtub, as will the girls.  Your mother will take care of the linens and towels you use.  The quilted mattress covers will be changed once a week, and if a child soils the covers, I will order your mother to bring rubber sheets to use and severely thrash the child who cannot be toilet-trained.