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I have used VCA Books for private sale. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping cost depends on the number of books ordered.    The word "step" in the description indicates that this is an edition with an intact step back painting and keyhole cover.
Email me if you would like to buy any of these books.

 Shipping Costs
$2.25 for the first book
$1.50 each additional book ordered per order to the same address
Example: 2 books are ordered at one time and are being shipped to same address. Shipping will be $3.75

1.  Read once.  good condition. $2

Dollanganger Series

Garden of Shadows
(2 available)
1.  good reading copy. cover has small bend in top right corner.  $1.00
2. Good reading copy.  Scribbles on front cover.  otherwise good condition  $1.00

Flowers in the Attic
(2 available)
1.  1979 printing. pages a little yellow around the edges.  Original cover in excellent condition. $3  SOLD
2. 1979 printing Original cover design with Step (some scribbles on the step painting.) $1.50

Petals on the Wind
(1 available)
1980 printing.  pages are yellowed around the edges but book is in good condition and intact $1.50

If There Be Thorns
(0 available)

Seeds of Yesterday
(0 available)

Casteel Series

(2 available)
1. Step -  1985 printing. small tear in upper left corner near binding. Stepback pic in good condition. $2.00
2.  1985 printing. flatcover book in good condition

Dark Angel
(1 available)
Flat cover -- 1986 printing.  Pages yellowed on edges.  Slight start of a bend in the front upper right cover.  $2.00

Fallen Hearts
(2 available)
1. Step -- cover has a slight tear near keyhole but stepback pic in good condition. $2
2.  Step -- slight bend in bottom right corner (not too bad) Stepback photo in good condition. $2

Gates of Paradise
(1 Available)
Step -- tear in cover (taped on the inside with clear tape) stepback photo in good condition. $ 1.00

My Sweet Audrina
(1 available)
1982 printing.  Flat cover in good condition.  Pages slightly yellowed on edges Good reading copy $2

Raven, Brooke, Crystal , Butterfly
available as one set only --  will not divide.  books 1-4 of Orhpans miniseries good for collectors as these are not available as a miniseries anymore. $8 (shipping $5 )

Cutler Series

(1 available)
1990 printing.  flat cover good condition.  $2

Wildflower Series

(1 available)
book one of wildflowers miniseries.  Good condition. $1.00

(1 available)
Book 2 of Wildflowers miniseries. Good condition. $1.00


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