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Family Storms - beginning of a new two-book series  coming in  early 2011!!!

New e-books for Kindle added in the bookstore!!

Daughter of Darkness is now available for preorder in our bookstore!!
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Heavenstone Secrets Series now available for Kindle in our bookstore!!

Heavenstone Secrets Series now available in HARDCOVER IN OUR BOOKSTORE!!

Daughter of Darkness to be released by Simon and Schuster in October and is now available for preorder in our bookstore!!

Covers for the FITA / POTW  and ITBT/ SOY books can now be viewed here!

April 30, 2010:

Upcoming Novels

An update from Neiderman on upcoming novels: "Family Storms is set for early next year. I'm working on the sequel and we'll see if they'll be one for Daughter of Darkness. If that is a big success, it could change the schedule."

Source The complete VC Andrews


Read and excerpt of chapter 1 of Secret Whispers HERE


***Secret Whispers is now available for preorder in the BOOKSTORE!!
To be released on February 23, 2010
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Interview with Jeffery Bloom regarding the  Original Flowers in the Attic Movie

New Podcast page!!

New VCA Book anounced.  Daughter of Darkness!!

The next V.C. Andrews novel was announced by Andrew Neiderman today. "V.C. Andrews novel for September will break new ground. Daughter of Darkness: A V.C. Andrews' heroine believes she has been adopted by a vampire! For her, romance suddenly becomes dangerous for her boyfriend. Never before has a V.C. Andrews novel delved as deeply into the supernatural. Look for the exciting beginning at the end of Secret Whispers out the end of February." I asked if it would be a stand-alone, or part of a series... "We're not sure if it will be a series...I want it to be..if the fans like it, it will be."

**ALSO!!   Information added to Heavenstone pages


Updated the links section of the site! All working links now! Check it out!!
Added a Link to the International covers for the FITA series.
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NEW SITE URL!! - sometime in the last year has become defunct and there is now a new URL for this site.

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Check out new picture s of her parents on the  Biography page as well!!

New (to this site) VCA Articles too!

I've updated the site again adding new navigation to all book series pages.  Not all are done yet though.  
I have also removed all my site rings except for the one that I own because my redirect URL has changed and there a numerous OLD Paperflower websites out there that I cannot access anymore.  Please think about joining my webring if you have a VCA site.  Also some new articles have been added!


A new Update!!  I know I said I wouldn't be updating this page anymore however, after more than a year I've finally updated this website. I've added a few descriptions with some of the newer books (Delia and Heavenstone).  Since I've gotten married I haven't had a lot of time to work on this or read the books but you can rest assured that I have all of the books and are trying to get to them as I can so I can bring my thoughts to you.  

I have also added more to the bookstore including the Delia Series and Pre-order availability for the new Heavenstone Series.  The Bookstore is now as complete as it can be, so please think of me for your ordering and Pre-ordering needs!!

delia's crossing available in hardcover on october 7, 2008.


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