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This is by far V.C. Andrews greatest work!  This whole series will keep you on the edge of your seat!  Flowers in the Attic starts us off on the twisted journey of greed, deception and not so brotherly love. It is in this book we meet the happy Dollanganer family.  Happy until the father (Chris) is killed in a car accident leaving them poor and with no means to make a living.  So she (Corrine) begs to return to her wealthy parents home in Virginia and her children (Chris, Cathy, Cory and Carrie) dream of magnificant riches.  When they arrive their dreams are shattered by the cold grandmother.  This book is so compelling to read.  I can't put it down if I start reading it.  It's really an amazing almost surreal story!

Petals on the Wind is titled appropriatly.  The children that were trapped for so many years in the attic are now free because they escaped the attic!  They are off to start a new life.  They are taken in by a nice doctor who insists on taking care of them.  This book is all about Cathy's revenge against her mother.  It consumes her and becomes her whole life outside of her wonderful world of ballet.  This is probably my favorite book out of the series besides Flowers.  It has a great romance in it.

If There be Thorns is the third installment in the series.  It tells the story of Cathy's two sons, Bart and Jory.  It is my least favorite book of the series but nonetheless a great book.

Seeds of Yesterday is the last in the series timeline.   Chris and Cathy are older now and Jory and Bart have grown up and made lives for themselves. Jory as a ballet dancer and Bart as a lawyer and heir to the Foxworth fortune.  There is lot's of action in this book.  My charecter, Cindy Sheffield, gets in to alot of trouble in this book.  It's a great story!

Garden of Shadows is the preqel novel in the Flowers series.  It tells the story of Olivia (the grandmother) Foxworth and her life with Malcolm (the grandfather)Foxworth.  This book sheds some more light on the forbidden romance between Corrine and Chris.  See how the horror began!!


Flowers in the Attic
 What an inspiring book! Especially the beginning sentence, "it is so appropriate to colour hope yellow, like the sun we seldom saw"-cathy  dollanganger! every single word written on every single piece of paper  touches you, and stays in your memory! i could not put this book down until i had finished, and even then i would pick it up and read little bits and peices of it over again!
For such a drastic thing to happen to 4 innocent children is heartbreaking,  yet when you read it you can not help but wonder what will happen next!  The  best book i ever read!  -- Lissa

That story was so heart-breaking,and yet frightening at the same time!Cathy was a true character through and took only a week  to finish the dollanganger series,but I know Cathy as if she were me!It  was so cruel for Corrine to lock up her own children,and yet I had to forgive her in the sad,melancholy story of if there be thorns.If V.C. were still living,I would tell her she really outdid herself!!!!!!!

 I found out about  this book from amazon, and i brought it home from the library, and at night I began to read it. From the first page,
I was in a spell, I couldn't put it down. I ended up reading thw whole thing in one night. As is read, I cried, and felt angry, and when Cathy
and Chris found out what the mother was doing, I raged in anger along with her, I felt like screaming when Corrine tried to act so nice when she FINALLY returned, and I felt so tricked when she had married Bart Winslow. I have never felt so deep in a book in my whole life, and I am a very big reader. This was an amazing book, it quickly became my favorite. The following books were just as tragic and heartbreaking as the first. I started to also read, Rain, and it is GREAT. V.c Andrews must have been an incredible
person, able to whip up all that amazing depression and phyciological horror. Thanks V.C!

                                                                                --- Jannie

A Spine tingling book about a selfish mother keeping her beloved beautiful children locked away in a musty old attic!

Cathy, Chris, Carrie, and Cory Dollanganger love both their parents dearly, until...the horrible accident which forced them into Foxworth Hall, a huge mansion at the top of a hill. Now forced by their cruel and selfish mother these 4 live,lives of terror...Will they ever leave the wrath of the terrors of Foxwort Hall?  Find out in...  Flowers In The Attic                        
                                                                                                          --- Simrin

Petals on the Wind         
I think that this is the best book in this series next to  FITA.   It has a very detailed and thick  plot.  In this book Cathy is hell bent on getting revenge on her mother.  She is also hell bent on being a prima ballerina.  In the process of getting what she wants she destroys everyone around her.  This book is a great ride.  If you read only one  other book after FITA,  READ THIS ONE! Far better than "If There Be Throns" and just  as good if not better than "Seeds of Yesterday".

If There Be Thorns
 I loved this book! I couldn't put it down. It was horrible how Corrine moved right next to her children and kept it all in secrecy. My
Favorite part was when John Amos locked up Corrine and Cathy. Whoa!

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About the  Entire Series
 I first read the  Logan and the Landry series before I even started  with the Dollenganger series and yesterday i started reading flowers in the attic and finished it also in that day, I couldnt put it down the other  had been so good i wanted to read from the first book to the last, and now that I have read Flowers in the Attic I can honestly say that these  books are so deep and well I not trying to sound stupid but they're just  soo good!! and thats all i can say! they are the only books that have kept  my interest for this long, I have read the whole landry series, logan series,  flowers in the attic and Rain, in less than 3 weeks! and I dont want to  stop, I fear that I will run out of books soon and be forced to read someone  else.  I was never much of a reader but now i dont know what has come over  me Im like a fiend for books V.C. andrews books, but back to the specific  book In talking about, It was like  I was living with the characters, feeling  what they were feeling and going through what they wereout, the big picture  they all show, love, loss, misery, and a hope of a better tommorow.


Site Owner's Review of the Series
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Site Owner's Review of the Series
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Site Owner's Review of the Series
Comming Soon!!

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