The Shattering prequel to the Hudson Saga.

Megan Hudson Grew up in  privileged world of schooling and fancy sports cars.  A world where her troubled relationship with her cold mother and competitive sister was hidden behind a veneer of wealth.  Where untamed passions,. like those that roiled inside young Megan, were not acceptable.  

In college, Megan falls in love with a man who would also be unacceptable in her world.  Their love was powerful and real, and together they dreamed of the future. But fate would have other plans... and soon all that remained of their love was precious child that Megan would not be allowed to raise as her own or even see again.

A beautiful baby girl named Rain...

48 pages.  Released with the Rain movie 2007

Lighten Strikes
Eye of the Storm
The End of the Rainbow
Gathering Clouds

Hudson Family Tree

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