Heavenstone Secrets

Patriarch Teddy Heavenstone is concerned about the future of the Heavenstone empire and carrying on the family name. His brother Perry will never have a child of his own, and Teddy has no sons. So when his wife, Arianna, becomes pregnant, he is overjoyed. His two teenaged daughters, fourteen year-old Semantha, and sixteen-year-old Cassie, however, are less than thrilled about the new baby brother that’s on the way. When Arianna suffers a miscarriage, the house goes into a state of mourning. Only Cassie carries on as usual. In fact, her mood is strangely bright, full of smiles and laughter. Arianna spirals into a deep depression, eventually overdosing on sleeping pills. As Cassie takes over as the woman of the house, she becomes ruthless and bossy, making Semantha’s life miserable. Finally, Cassie’s purpose for keeping Semantha a virtual prisoner becomes eerily clear one night when Cassie suggests there is only one way to help their father and her plan is more sinister than Sementha could ever have imagined.

Heavenstone Secrets
Secret Whispers

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