Cinnamon loves the shadows, because that's where no one can find her...

For Cinnamon, dreaming of imaginary worlds and characters is her only escape from her mother's breakdowns. Her grandmother's overbearing control. Her family's turmoil. But Cinnamon is discovering something special about herself, a gift from deep within that sets her apart: a talent for the theater that would finally give her a chance...  to truly escape.


Falling  Stars

Family Tree

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Cast of Characters 

Cinnamon Carlson
 The books heroine.  A Goth like girl with a talent for acting.

Taylor Carlson
Cinnamon's father.  He is a stock broker on Wall Street.

Amber Carlson
Cinnamon's mother. A fragile woman she has a mental breakdown at the beginning of the story.

Grandmother Beverly Carlson
Cinnamon's not so nice grandmother who comes in and takes over.

Miss Hamilton
 Cinnamon's favorite teacher.  Teaches English Lit and is in charge of the school play.

Edith Booth
A goody-two shoes who Cinnamon dislikes.

Clarence Baron
An attractive boy who is a good friend of Cinnamon's.  Later he becomes her lover.

Cinnamon's Aunt.  Briefly mentioned at the beginning of the story.

Jonathan Demerest
The man who owned the house Cinnamon lives in now, back in the civil war. (Deceased)

Carolyne Demerest
Jonathan's wife.  (Deceased)

Abraham Demerest
Jonathan and Carolyne's son.  (Deceased)

Captain Lance Arnold
Carolyne Demerest's lover.

Jonathan Demerest's youngest daughter.

Mr. Kaplan
The Principle of Cinnamon's school.

Mrs. Mendleton
The Head nurse at Chester Alton Psychiatric Hospital on Amber Carlsons ward.

Eddie Morris
A boy in Cinnamon's class who liked to tease Clarence.

Iris Ainsley
A pretty girl who ALWAYS got the lead in the school play.

Dell Johnson
A talented boy who plays opposite Cinnamon in a school play.

Miriam Levy
Head of the student make up crew.

Edmond Stenetsky
A theatrical Agent who's mother owns a prestigious dramatic arts school.

Madame Stenetsky
Owner of the dramatic arts school.  Was once a famous Russian stage actress.


Falling  Stars

Family Tree

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