Extravagant parties.
Celebrity status.

These are the things Willow knew only in her wildest dreams--until now. When Willow reads her adoptive father's journal, she discovers deep family secrets that promise to change her life forever. Now, in search for her birth family, Willow leaves her college in North Carolina for Palm Beach--Florida's famous headquarters for glittering, ritzy, unlimited excess.

Posing as a social researcher of affluent communities, Willow takes the town by storm and doesn't look back. She makes a splash at decadent parties and in Palm Beach's A-list restaurants and clubs, and in no time she finds herself on the arm of Thatcher Eaton, a fiercely ambitious young lawyer dead-set on sweeping Willow off her feet. Increasingly intoxicated by the opulence of her new life and her new-found love, Willow begins to lose sight of why she came here in the first place--especially since her family legacy of madness continues to haunt her, and ultimately threatens her happiness.

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