Chris, Cathy and Carrie escape their attic prison and travel on a bus bound for Florida .  They meet a nice large black lady named Henny who takes them to Dr. Paul Sheffields home when she see's Carrie is very sick.  They become his "wards" and set out to have a normal life.  Cathy becomes a ballerina, Chris goes to medical school to be the doctor he always wanted to be.  Poor Carrie still with a large head and a body too small struggling to find acceptance and love from others.  Cathy weaves a tangled web of desire, revenge and  ambition as the story unfolds.   Like Spanish moss that "clings and kills" tragedy awaits around every corner.  Will she ever get the justice she wants or the happiness she deserves?

Free. Was ever a word more wonderful than that one? -- Catherine Dollanganger

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Flowers in the Attic
Petals on the Wind
If There Be Thorns
Seeds of Yesterday
Garden of Shadows

Doll Series Family Tree
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Dr Christopher Dollaganger Sheffield  
Catherine Leigh Dollanganger Marquet Sheffield  
Carrie Dollanganger Sheffield
Bartholomew Winslow      
Henrietta Beech (“Henny”)   
Dr Paul Scott Sheffield (“Dr Paul”)
Julian Marquet
Julian Janus Marquet (Jory)  
Bart Scott Winslow Sheffield
Madam Marisha Rosencoff  
Georges Rosencoff  
Madam Zolta  Korovenskov  
Olivia Winfield Foxworth
Corrine Foxworth Dollanganger Winslow
Amanda Sheffield
Sissy Towers
Lacy St John  
Yolanda Lange  
Theodore Alexander Rockingham (Alex)  
Emma Linstrom  
Julia Sheffield   
Scotty Sheffield   
Denise Danielle   
Miss Emily Dean Dewhurst   
Norma Belle  
Lorraine DuVall           
Miss Longhurst  
Thelma Merkel  
Miss Williamson  
April Summers   
Alex Tarrell and Michael Michelle
Johnny Stoneman  
Miss Mallory
Mr & Mrs. Parkins and Baby Clara   
Chapter Listing 

Part One -

Free, at Last!
A New Home
Life's Second Chance

Part Two

Visions of Sugarplums
The Audition
School Days Renewed
Enchantress... Me?
My First Date
Sweeter Than All the Roses
Owl on the Roof
Momma's Shadow
A Birthday's Gift
Foxworth Hall, from the Outside
Toward the Top
New York, New York
A Fighting Chance
Winter Dreams
April's Fools
Labyrinth of Lies
Too Many Loves to Lose

Part Three

Dreams Comes True
Gathering Shadows
The Thirteenth Dancer
Interlude for Three

Part Four

My Sweet Small Prince
Opening Gambit
The Siren Call of the Mountains
Carrie's Bittersweet Romance

Part Five

The Time for Vengeance
Tiger by the Tail
Spider and the Fly
The Grandmother, Revisited
Stacking the Deck
Reaping the Harvest

Flowers in the Attic
Petals on the Wind
If There Be Thorns
Seeds of Yesterday
Garden of Shadows

Doll Series Family Tree
(Spoilers here!)
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