When their father is killed in an unfortunate car accident the  four "Dresden dolls" and  their mother Corrine are left penniless, deeply in debt and having no skills in which to earn a living.  Desperate, Corrine writes letters to her rich mother requesting to live at Foxworth hall with her four children.  She steals away in the night with the children on  a journey into the black night.  She promises riches and everything their hearts desire.  But, what follows  is a bane existence in a dusty attic where innocence is lost, anger is stirred, and life is dark behind the heavy draperies that block out the sun.       

"It is so appropriate to color hope yellow, like the sun we seldom saw..." --Cathy Dollanganger

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Flowers in the Attic
Petals on the Wind
If There Be Thorns
Seeds of Yesterday
Garden of Shadows

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 Character List
Christopher Dollanganger   - son of Garland Christopher Foxworth Dollanganger IV           
Garland Christopher Foxworth Dollanganger IV  -      father to Christopher, Cathy,  Carrie and Cory       
Olivia Winfield Foxworth   - Mother to Corrine Foxworth                      
Catherine Dollanganger   - Eldest daughter of Corrine Foxworth Doll and Christopher Doll                        
Corrine Foxworth - mother to Christopher, Cathy, Carrie and Cory       
Malcolm Neil Foxworth     - Husband of Olivia Foxworth and Father to Corrine Foxworth                                
Carrie Dollanganger      - Daughter of Corrine and Christopher Dollanganger and twin of Cory, sister to Christopher and Cathy                   
Cory Dollanganger    - Son of Corrine and Christopher Dollanganger and twin of Carrie, sister to Christopher and Cathy
Garland Christopher Foxworth III
Alicia Foxworth
Joel Foxworth
Bartholomew Winslow -
John Amos
Mrs. Helena Brady  
Bertha Simpson                          
Jim Johnson
Cindy Lou
Mrs.  Bertram
Albert Donne

Chapter Listing 
Part One


Good-Bye, Daddy
The Road to Riches
The Grandmother's House
The Attic
The Wrath of God
Momma's Story
Minutes Like Hours
To Make a Garden Grow
The Christmas Party
Christopher's Exploration and Its Repercussions
The Long Winter, and Spring, and Summer

Part Two

Growing Up, Growing Wiser
A Taste of Heaven
One Rainy Afternoon
To Find a Friend
At Last, Momma
Our Mother's Surprise
My Stepfather
Color All Days Blue, But Save one for
Endings, Beginnings